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Fun and Disfunction With AI

Posted April 12, 2023

James Altucher

By James Altucher

Fun and Disfunction With AI

What do people do when they’re given the most revolutionary technology of their generation?

Make games and joke videos, of course.

Artificial intelligence is technology pulled straight out of Star Trek.

ChatGPT surprised many with its futuristic ability to imitate human conversation. It could scan a huge resource of knowledge and statistics to give you (mostly) accurate answers within seconds to whatever questions you could dream up.

Many people speculated what jobs AI was likely to replace in the coming years, and how it would transform various industries.

But many more people used it to create nonsense to entertain themselves and others.

Some of the most well known examples include a never ending 24-hour Seinfeld imitation and a version of Harry Potter done in the style of a French high-fashion advertisement.

Maybe the most impressively frivolous use of this technology has been the near instant design and programming of video games.

With the increased capabilities of ChatGPT 4, people are doing in minutes what used to take months. 

Just so they can play games.

The game SkyRoads was created by an “AI Team” of public AI tools.

No programming. Nothing but an idea for a game.

AI did the rest.

Flappy Bird, the mobile game that took the world by storm in 2013 was recreated in under one-minute using GPT-4.

The same with the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt…

I’m sure many people have been asking ChatGPT how to cure cancer, or how to fix the world’s ongoing supply chain issues.

But most of what I’m seeing on the internet is people making games with this new unimaginable super-intelligence.

The Flip Side

AI isn’t all fun and games.

While a lot of people are drunk on the power of machine learning, others seem to be sobering up to what such powerful technology could mean in the future.

Tech leaders like Elon Musk drafted an open letter to other innovators asking to pause AI development for six months.

This is while Musk simultaneously purchased 10,000 GPUs for Twitter’s data center (shortly after hiring AI experts formerly with DeepMind), so maybe the anti-AI crew is actually just trying to build a lead on the competition…

The “concern” is that AI technology is developing too quickly and we’ll lose a handle on it.

“Alignment” is a term mentioned a lot about artificial intelligence, but not as much as it should be in recent weeks, according to some.

Aligning AI goals with our own goals is a critical part of the technology, as machine learning is the first human invention capable of having its own motivations.

It’s important that we keep working with AI and that AI never views us as a resource for its own projects.

The concern people commonly voice (semi jokingly) is that ChatGPT will eventually become sentient and malevolent, like Skynet or HAL9000.

One project that is addressing the concern that the OpenAI machine learning technology will become autonomous and destructive is ChaosGPT, who is trying to deliberately make ChatGPT autonomous and destructive.

What could possibly go wrong?

ChaosGPT is built on the back of Auto-GPT. An open-source project aiming to develop a “Continuous Mode” for ChatGPT. Which would allow it to function without human prompts or authorization.

The intentionally villainous AI has accomplished little more than running an amusing Twitter account…

…so I wouldn’t say it’s time to worry yet.

Consider ChaosGPT to be a stress test on the intentions of our new robot friends.

The future of artificial intelligence is uncertain.

But it will definitely be entertaining.

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