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Welcome to Daily Crypto Hunter

Posted November 17, 2021

Matt Insley

By Matt Insley

Welcome to Daily Crypto Hunter

Welcome to the Daily Crypto Hunter.

Matt Insley here, Ill be your Publisher and captain along the way.

Lets kick off by explaining exactly why this e-letter was created YOU!

And I could not be more excited to have you on board.

First up, some housekeeping!

Out of the gate, your Daily Crypto Hunter issues will be delivered three days per week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And, while were aiming to provide the best crypto coverage for you (as youll see below), your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

You can reach out at anytime. Your questions will be addressed in future issues of Crypto Hunter Daily.

That said, lets get at it!

Heres a quick introduction to the crypto collective youll find at Daily Crypto Hunter...

Meet The Daily Crypto Hunters

George Gilder

George Gilder is a technology futurist, investor, and widely known as President Reagan's favorite Economist. Just last week, George hosted The COSM Technology Summit 2021.

Our Paradigm Portfolio rests on the COSMs the Microcosm, Telecosm and Cryptocosm. In more detail, the three fundamental technology vectors that define the future: the Microcosm for computation and control functions, the Telecosm for communication blending into a re-representation of the physical world and the Cryptocosm to secure the riches created by the first two

James Altucher

James has proven himself over and over again in the world of finance. You may remember him from CNBC, where he called Bitcoin at only $63. Be ready for predictions, and how to play them, from Crypto-millionaire and Bitcoin expert James Altucher.

For many Americans, the thought of learning a new language, the language of crypto, is beyond intimidating. Cold storage, blockchains, hash rates, decentralized apps, distributed ledger technology, gas, mining ... I wouldn't blame anyone for being overwhelmed!

My sense is more investors would be willing to own crypto assets if they felt it were as simple and transparent as owning stocks. Simplicity, transparency, and liquidity come with time..

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell has an impressive history of staying on the bleeding edge of Bitcoin, decentralization, and much more. Hes been writing about finances and crypto for over a decade. Im thrilled to have Chris share his less conventional methods to invest in your digital future.

I want to see how crypto potentially applies to the space economy in 100 years. I want to see how this technology connects in 1,000 ways to the physical world. How will it change the way we behave? How will it change the way we do business? How will it change the way we think about money, capitalism, economics, and jobs?

...Im keen on the long-view, despite having to white-knuckle it through the volatility.

Ray Blanco, Jonathan Rodriguez, And Many More!

Add it all up, and you can count on this collective of Crypto gurus to keep you well ahead of the curve.

Whats the latest dialogue in digital wealth?

Whats the newest alt-coin gaining steam?

Is there a new ETF or market-based way to play crypto or the metaverse?

Well be your boots on the ground, and...

The Crypto Edge You Need


Youve seen the headlines, you know that crypto is gaining mainstream adoption, and the market for bitcoin, ethereum and other alt-coins is melting up!

Heres some of the latest information to cross our crypto desk:

  • James Altucher and Chris Campbell are writing a book on crypto right now! As Chris puts it, This book will cover everything you need to know -- a to z -- about the cryptocurrency landscape from now to 2030.Expect more details on that in future issues.

As soon as the book is finalized, well let you know how to grab a copy. This is going to be a must-read crypto manuscript!

Were also covering the news for you...

Daily Crypto Hunter is dedicated to bringing you the latest insights on cryptocurrencies. Our research is focused on helping you keep ahead of the trends.

And the trend were seeing is unstoppable.

As the popularity of cryptocurrency spreads, youre going to see changes that havent even been considered.

Like todays announcement from the Staples Center, which is rebranding as

Today, the worlds fastest-growing cryptocurrency platform, and AEG, the worlds leading sports and live entertainment company, have launched a historic, 20-year naming rights agreement that will rename the AEG-owned and operated STAPLES Center, one of the most iconic and globally recognized sports and entertainment arenas in the world.

Yahoo Finance is also speaking our language, with this recent headline...

Ethereum booms on NFT interest, crypto

investors hunting 'metaverse money'

We first heard about the term Metaverse Money from James Altucher, and it seems like that concept is catching on in a big way.

Altucher believes Ethereum will fit the bill, and well be keeping a keen eye (and a ready pen) on this HUGE theme.

And its not just ethereum taking off. Yahoo Finance went on to add this:

Solana (SOL1-USD), another cryptocurrency similar to ethereum, also leapt to new all-time highs Wednesday with an almost 31% gain in the last week. Both moves follow an investment frenzy for NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

20 years from now youre going to look back and realize you were part of a mega-movement in money.

Stadiums named after crypto companies

Lives, becoming more digital than ever but at the same time more human as George Gilder says.

And if you want to take a swing at investing or trading in cryptos, youve still got a shot at game-changing profits.

Crypto Is Changing Lives, Will YOURS Be Next?

With the mainstream adoption were seeing from companies like Tesla, Paypal, Facebook, Square and others, its clear that cryptocurrency is not going anywhere.

This isnt a phase or fad.

And youre hearing that from a true skeptic!

I think my colleague and tech guru, Ray Blanco said it best

Bitcoin is succeeding because it failed.

In 2018 there was an epic crash in cryptos, And Bitcoin led the way.

However, if this was anything like the tulipmania bubble in the 1600s, we wouldnt have heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies ever again.

But, out of the crash, came mainstream adoption. And use-cases that are taking the market by storm.

Transactions using cryptocurrency are fast, low-cost, very private, and extremely secure. And with a market cap of over $3.3 million, crypto has made its way into the list of top circulated world currencies.

Its all part of the inevitable cryptocosm as George Gilder says.

Cryptos and the digital era are taking off.

Yet, theres still more to come...

What if BTC goes to $100k?

What if ETH becomes the money of the metaverse?

What happens if the US dollar goes digital?

These things can have a profound effect on you and your wealth. And your financial future.

This is YOUR moment.

And with Daily Crypto Hunter, youve got a front row seat to the action.

Well see you again on Friday.

Carpe Crypto,

Matt Insley

Publisher, Daily Crypto Hunter

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